2016 Volunteer of the Year Award

It is with great pleasure that Twin Cities Football awards Nick, Stacey, Wyatt, Jaden and Emmett Gamble as the 2016 Volunteers of the Year.  The Gamble family has contributed to growing the sport of football in our community for 8 years.  When their oldest son, Wyatt, first began playing football, Nick and Stacey quickly became committed football parents and 8 years later they are still involved with the association as their youngest son, Emmett, continues to play. 

Each member of the Gamble Family is being recognized for this award because of the support they provide to the association at different levels of the game.  Nick, a veteran coach and his wife Stacey, an experienced team manager, have coached many teams through the years.  Wyatt has been coaching alongside his father for years, and his siblings Jaden and Emmett have put in countless hours at the lockup facility helping their parents who fit football players with equipment. 

The Gambles run TC’s Flag Football League and the Spring House League which involves arranging coaching, drills and fundamentals and play time.  This past year the Gamble family fielded an Atom team to scrimmage during the half time at a University of Waterloo football game, and attended community events where they would engage with the public teaching children fundamental football skills. 

The Gamble family has left their mark on the game of football in our community, and TC is extremely grateful and appreciative of each member of this family.