2023 Combine

Waterloo Jr Warriors COMBINE

Location: University of Waterloo
220 Columbia St W, Waterloo

Parking:  Free Parking Lot X  (Hagey Blvd)

Thank you for registering for Combine 2023,  we are excited about the event and can't wait to see you come out and compete on Saturday 25 of Febuary,  please note some important information below,  to help ensure we are able to get the testing completed efficiently and effectively

Please arrive at your designated registration/sign-in time 
If you arrive and testing has already started,  you will need to register for another session.  Once testing has started no sign-ins will be accommodated

Warm Up is essential.  It is important that you warm up before testing.  Warm-ups will be run by certified athletic instructors courtesy of Colin's Athletic Performance.  They will ensure that you are ready to perform your best!

Testing will start promptly at the time indicated for your division.  At the registration desk, you will be provided with details regarding what testing station you will start at.  It is important that you stay with the group at that testing station.  Testing at each station should be completed within 10 min or less.  If you are able to perform the test more than once within the 10 mins,  then your best time will be recorded only.  At the end of 10 min, you will hear a whistle which will require you and your group to rotate together to the next station.  Instructions will be provided.  Again it is important that you and your group move together.  This ensures that you complete all of the tests within the allotted timeline

**for U18 only --   Please note that your TShirts will have a number on them,  this number is critical for OUA scouts and coaches who will be onsite to easily identify who you are when they see you on the field and they receive your testing results.

After Testing.  Once testing has been completed,  you will have an opportunity to hydrate,  your testing scores will be consolidated and provided to you in the email address you have resgistered with.  Your testing scores will also be shared with the Waterloo Jr Warriors coaching staff if you have registered with the waterloo Jr Warriors and USports Recruiters (for U18 only).  If you do not wish to share your information please advise at the registration desk so that this information can be noted.

Skills and Drills,  at the end of testing, the Waterloo Jr Warriors coaching staff will be on hand to run skills and drills. We have athletes participating from across Southern Ontario so this is a valuable opportunity to showcase your abilities, compete against your peers and gauge your performance.
If you have any questions about the combine please feel free to reach out to me directly.
We look forward to seeing you there!