Registration & Equipment

How to Register

Step 1 – Pick Your Division

To pick your child’s division, make sure you understand about Warhawks and Predators. The registration process for both the Predators and Warhawks is essentially the same. However, registration costs, refund policy dates, and fee assistance programs are different.

Warhawk Age Groups

Updated for 2017 registrations 

Myte 5-6 (born 2011-12)
Tyke 7-8 (born 2009-10)
Atom 9-10 (born 2007-08)
Pee Wee 11-12 (born 2005-06)
Bantam 13-14 (born 2003-04)

Predator Age Groups

Pee Wee 11-12 (born 2005-06)
Bantam 13-14 (born 2003-04)
Junior Varsity 15-16 (born 2001-02)
Senior Varsity 17-19 (born 1998-2000)

Step 2 - Know The Age Level To Register For

The group your child will belong to is determined by the calendar year in which they are born. For instance, at 8, you may be signing your child up for Tyke but if they turn 9 at any point that year, they should actually register as an Atom.

Step 3 - Completing Your Application

You can register either online or in-person. Here's what you need to know:

REGISTER ONLINE: Visit our online registration portal

  1. If this is your first time at the site, as the parent or legal guardian, you will have to setup an administrative account on the database by selecting the "New To The Site? - click here to create a new account." icon.
  2. After you enter your information, the system will send an authorization email to your account to verify the information; and once you verify, you may then register your children. 
  3. To register your children, login to the system with your email address and password, select the current season, and follow the prompts.
  4. To complete registration, the following finished forms and information must be provided during your equipment fittings. If they are not complete, your child will not be fitted.
    • Medical Information Form
    • Photo Release Form
    • proof of age – birth certificate, passport, etc. (only one copy is needed)
    • photo showing proof of identity, (only one copy is needed)
    • *please note that that the proof of age and the photo can be uploaded to your Ramp registration profile for future use. 

IN-PERSON: You can register at designated opportunities such Parents Informati

on Nights, public events, at lock-up, etc.

  1. Please show up with 1 copy showing proof of age - birth certificate, passport, etc. - and 1 copy of a photo showing proof of identity.
  2. To start registration the following finished forms and information must be provided. They can either be downloaded now and completed in advance or filled out in-person at the time.
  3. A volunteer will complete your registration, verify all information entered with you and process payment.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask our registrar. Please be aware, that unless we receive full payment and supporting documentation prior to the start of initial practice, your child will not be able to see the field. This is particularly important in the case of Fee Assistance where it may take a few months to receive approval on an application.